Abortion Nightmare: I can't vote for Obama again.

Roe, "It Was All A Lie..."

Broken Sex Toy...

Defend Life (Spanish).

Muslim Nightmare: I can't vote for Obama again.


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News and Press Releases (Archive)

2012-09-27New York Times: Kentucky House Candidate Unveils Graphic Attack Ad
2012-06-06The Palm Beach Post: Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry launches no-party challenge to Rep. Hastings
2012-06-06Sunshine State News: Florida's GOP Senate Field to be in Place Wednesday
2012-06-05Examiner: Bad omens for Democrats
2012-05-30Washington Post: Former D.C. delegate candidate now a vice presidential candidate
2012-03-22The Wichita Eagle: Abortion foe says he would defeat Obama in Kansas
2012-03-16New York Times: Randall Terry Loses His Delegate to the Democratic Convention
2012-03-17NewsOK: Two Democratic presidential candidates won't get Oklahoma delegates to national convention